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tv   KPIX 5 News at 530pm  CBS  February 23, 2013 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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dodging bullets from behind. >> pretty scary. all we know right now is this appears to be completely random. >> reporter: it was just after midnight when a young man opened fire on the back window of an a.c. transit bus after getting off of the bus on international boulevard. >> i'm not sure anyone was the target other than the bus itself. there was no provocation that led up to it. they just got off the bus and one of them decided to shoot the bus. >> reporter: taking about 6 rounds, the bus drove away and four passengers were injured by that jolt. >> all four passengers claim to be injured from falling as the bus moved somewhat rapidly as you can imagine to get to a safer location. >> reporter: they are expected to be okay and now the sheriff's department, which has jurisdiction on bus-related crime, is trying to hunt the shooter down. >> we are gathering video not only from the bus but from surrounding businesses to see if we can identify this person and take him into custody. >> reporter: this is the second time an a.c. transit bus has been shot in a
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month. january 25 two people were injured by flying glass after a bus was hit by stray bullets on 73 and bancroft. >> people do stupid things i don't care where you are. >> reporter: these riders say they won't be deterred. >> these things happen. i mean, you could always be in the wrong place at the wrong time. >> reporter: in oakland, anne makovec, kpix 5. breaking news. just minutes ago we learn police have found a black range rover suv suspected in the deadly shooting and car crash in las vegas. police say the vehicle was found this afternoon at an apartment complex east of the strip. it is also impounded as evidence. authorities say they are looking for 26-year-old amar harris in connection with thursday morning's shooting. the driver of the maserati aspiring rapper kenny cherry was killed by gunfire. taxi driver michael bolden of las vegas and his passenger, sandra from washington state
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were killed in the taxicab. we'll have more on this at 6:30. south bay communities are coming together to make sure guns stay off the streets. a gun buy-back program in east palo alto was so successful today, they ran out of cash and had to give out vouchers. kpix reporter patrick sedillo shows us hundreds of guns were turned over to police. >> reporter: the line stretched for city blocks in both directions. >> the old single barrel .12- gauge isn't worth anything, $200 today. >> reporter: it was a slow process. >> doesn't seem organized. >> reporter: the tricity effort of east palo alto, menlo park and palo alto police departments hosted the gun buy- back getting tec-9, assault weapons and pistols even a hand grenade and two hours and 40 minutes collecting 355 firearms including 111 handguns, 227 rifles or shotguns, and 11 assault weapons. >> three sets of people coming up to each car trying to get them through the like quickly. >> reporter: as you can see behind me a dozen people
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decided to just ditch their cars and walk up with their guns. palo alto pd didn't i like to. >> so you just got sick of waiting in your car? >> that's right. >> reporter: how long did you wait? >> i drove off the freeway parked my car and walked over. >> reporter: $52,000 came from protect our children a nonprofit. >> i was inspired by what happened in newtown, connecticut and the tragedy that took place in sandy hook. >> reporter: people coming in received $100 for a handgun, $200 for a shotgun or $300 for an assault weapon and the turnout was more than they could handle. >> we had $52,000 and unfortunately it's run out about almost three hours into the operation. the vouchers only go to the people who are stopping in the parking lot. >> we have been here for three hours and got a voucher and have to come back next week. >> reporter: they were lucky. everyone to didn't get a voucher will have to wait for another buy back in santa clara next week. east palo alto, patrick sedillo, kpix 5. at least 28 people injured
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sir, with serious injuries after a terrifying crash at the daytona international speedway. it happened as they were heading for the checkered flag during the nationwide series race. debris including a fire flew into the grandstand after a car hit a fence. part of that car and its burning engine pierced the safety barrier separating the track from the fans. it's one day before the daytona 500. the largest chinese new year's parade out of side of asia is starting in san francisco. don knapp is there on market street where he watched the preparations. >> reporter: the smoke is cleared from the hundreds maybe thousands of fireworks that were set off before they began the parade at 5:25 down market street. we were watching the groups form up when we got here and we talked to some of them, especially with the group of drummers who worked at the head of the parade. [ drumming ]
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>> reporter: that group called [ non-english language ] means chinese art. they oldest new year's celebration in the world of course is in china. 5,000 years old. but the second one is here in san francisco where they have been celebrating chinese new year since the gold rush. now, this is the largest chinese new year's parade outside of china. and it's considered one of the top ten parades in the world according to the promoters of this parade. 100 units will file by here tonight before it's over. i have been here for a couple of hours to get off market street on the way to chinatown and when they get there there will be one big finale where they explode the finale of some 600,000 firecrackers. so it's a big night tonight. and this parade will draw about a million people. good night for it, good time ahead, so let's see what it brings. >> thank you, don. don will have more on the
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parade when it's in full swing at 6:30. well, a new crane is going to pick up where the toppled bay bridge crane left off. what caused the crane to collapse on thursday is still being investigated. it was removing a 129-ton piece of metal when it fell over. that metal piece was part of bridge's temporary support structure called falsework. nobody was injured. and the bridge wasn't damaged. the incident wouldn't delay the labor day weekend opening of the new eastern span. and doesn't forget, kpix 5 is the official television station for the celebration of the new eastern span of the bay bridge. we are counting down until the official opening the tuesday after labor day weekend. well, it was mothballs for years just after being completed but thanks to new funding a san jose library is finally open after being mothballed. dozens turned out for a community celebration at the bascomb branch library. the 20,000-square-foot building is also home to a community center but now there's access
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to the library portion. >> neighborhoods that are really needy as well as affluent neighborhoods, it's great just to have a place to get everybody together learning and having fun. >> the library was completed in the fall of 2010 and was closed until today. the clock is ticking to come to an agreement before automatic spending cuts go into effect. where the cuts will hurt the most. >> the pope resigns on thursday. what he is doing now days before he devotes his life to prayer.
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fiscal crisis. in only six days, automatic spending cuts will go into effect if republicans and democrats can't reach an the nation is facing another fiscal crisis and only six days, automatic spending cuts will go into effect if republicans and democrats can't reach an agreement. both parties are playing the blame game. the president is warning of disastrous consequences. erica ferrari on where the cuts will be deepest. >> reporter: time is running out for lawmakers to reach a deal on how to avoid $85 billion in automatic spending cuts set to kick in, in less than a week. president obama warns every american will feel the effects.
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>> they will slow our economy. they'll eliminate good jobs. they'll leave many families who are already stretched to the limit scrambling to figure out what to do. >> reporter: the pentagon says the massive cuts to the military will affect our country's ability to defend itself. the centers for disease control will lose more than $300 million which it claims could mean less money to solve outbreaks and air travel will take a hit. transportation officials worry job cuts will lead to flight delays. and even our nation's children will be affected. the president says thousands of teachers and educators will be laid off. the president blames republicans. but the gop says it's the president who won't compromise. >> the question is, why won't he work with us? and the answer quite simply is because he wants higher taxes. >> reporter: in washington, the nation's governors say they are bracing for what's to come. >> the uncertainty of how much will be cut from where and when can undermine our budget and can also slow the economic growth in our states.
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>> reporter: governors say the situation is frustrating. >> it is not good to have the sequester talk every couple of months and have a crisis every couple of months by not making decisions. >> reporter: members of congress return to washington monday to try to put an end to yet another budget battle. era ferrari for cbs news, new york. pope benedict said a final farewell to members of the vatican central administration today. the pope thanked the group for their loyalty and for helping governing the catholic church. he also said good-bye to italian president georgio napolitano. the vatican accused the media for spreading false damaging reports about his resignation. they say it was an attempt to influence the cardinals who will vote for the successor. it could be the beginning of the end for a popular bay area waterpark. why the east bay park district says it may not be able to save shadow cliff. >> it was cool and breezy and clear all day today. now we have a warming trend
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just around the corner. when is our next chance of rain? we'll let you know. your seven-day forecast is coming up next.
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shadow cliffs waterslides in pleasanton. an east bay regional park committee recomends permanently shutting down the park and dismantling the slides. the it's curtain for the shadow cliff water slides. an east bay committed recommends closing the area. they thought to reconstruct the aging slides. but the bidder wanted parks money to fund 80% of a new larger park, the money they don't have.
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what's next? devising a plan to remove the slides and take down the hill they are on which now unsafe seismically. hundreds braved the water of the san francisco bay today for a good cause. the san francisco polar bear -- polar plunge, it's a benefit for special olympics of northern california. police chief greg suhr and kpix 5's juliette goodrich were among the volunteers taking the plunge without the protection of wet suits. teams have raised $125 for special olympics. teams, corporations, law enforcement took part. >> get in and get out. >> juliette was part of that again. didn't she scale a building or something a year ago. very involved with special olympics. a great cause. >> it was cold and breezy in
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the bay area. wind gusts up to 20 miles per hour or more. things should calm down tomorrow. right now dealing with clear, calm breezy conditions and temperatures still mainly in the 50s out the door. let's see, concord coming in 56 degrees. only 53 right now in san francisco. mid 50s in santa row and san jose. a slight warming trent tomorrow. mid-50s in santa rosa and san jose. overnight 30s and 40s. even warmer still as we continue throughout the workweek. so yeah, plenty of sunshine to start off with tomorrow. milder conditions and not quite as breezy as what we saw today especially around the coast. temperatures mainly in the low 60s. so another nice day for the last half of the weekend. high pressure is really going to continue to build so we are not really seeing much rain over the next 24 hours. you can see in our futurecast, that high pressure firmly in place. our next chance of rain is really way off into the future by next sunday so more than a week away. our long range models pick that
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up possibly by next sunday but again it's too far out to fully predict. here's your overnight lows. temperatures in the 30s to 40s. 37 if you are in fairfield. 36 in fremont. mid-40s in san francisco tonight. and then by tomorrow, once again with all the sunshine it's going to feel nice. but definitely jacket weather in some parts of the bay area. 61 in san rafael. 59 in san francisco. and a little warmer out in fairfield. mid-60s there. and 60 degrees in livermore. here's check of your forecast. over. next several days looks like sunday the warming trend begins and continues through the middle of the week where we warm things up to about the mid- 60s and then friday, it's going to be probably our warmest day of the week. temperatures reaching into the low 70s. so yeah, that whole thing, what is it, march comes in like a lion and out like a lamb, it will be the reverse. >> we'll enjoy it and start doing our little rain dance. >> thank you. kim coyle in, and a busy
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day. >> we are coming up on your favorite time of year, march madness. >> yeah. >> a buzzer beater to get you ready for it, a remarkable shot gives a local college basketball team a win and the giants and as both get under way in arizona. we're next with sports.
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es title in three heading toward march madness and baseball. i couldn't be happier. >> it is a very good time of
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year and, of course, football lasting so long you feel like there's no break for sports for anybody. the last time the giants played a game they won the second world series title in three years. today the stakes were a little lower in their cactus league opener. brian vogelsong started pitching two scoreless innings. giants down 1-0 in the 4th. angel pagan got his wheels going swiping his first bag of the spring. he gets into scoring position for pablo sandoval whose swing looks close to midseason form. pagan comes around to score. sandoval's rbi single ties the game. jackson williams follows with a rope into left but check out the panda. good morning changing speed. the hustle all the way around from first. he scores. the giants win 4-1. bernie the brewer ready for the spring opener in phoenix.
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new athletic chris young with the bases loaded in the first. strikes out to end the inning. ryan braun didn't miss. in his first spring training at bat he connects to the opposite field off chavez. 1-0 brew crew. oakland didn't get much done with their bats. but they did flash the leather. a beautiful 4-6-3 double play started by weeks. the as drop the exhibition opener to the brewers 2-1. a bad wreck on the final lap at daytona international speedway. kyle larson crashes into the fence. officials say parts of the car including a tire flew into the grandstand. 28 fans were injured. 14 were taken to the hospital. one adult has life-threatening injuries. another 14-year-old is in critical condition. larson amazingly was not hurt. tony stewart won the race, the daytona 500 races tomorrow. after dropping the big game
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to gonzalez last week the gaels face a must-win against creighton in the bracket buster if they wanted to return to the big dance. gaels at mckeon this afternoon, dell va dove va why would you let him shoot the three? he gets the roll. 5-3, 19 points for him. still in the first half, gaels pulling away. brad waldo tips it in. st. mary's up 14 at the break. second half they put it to bed on the run. jordan page dishes to waldo again. plus the foul. double-double for waldo as st. mary's takes the bracket buster 74-66. kevin foster leading santa clara up in portland. the broncos didn't waste anytime hitting the three. first it's foster then raymond. santa clara hit 10 threes on the afternoon. broncos up 7 in the second half. foster finds mark down low for the two hand flush. 17 for fortress lean any.
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foster with a game-high 20. santa clara 20-9 now 8-6 in conference play. cal sweeped by oregon state. cobb with 18 points as cal's fifth straight win as they improve to 10-5 in pac-12 play. upset of the day, wake forest to number 2 miami, harris with the three in transition, more wake in the second half. off the steal, cody miller macintyre home free for the dunk. and when you upset a top team, you have to storm the court and they do. the deamon deacons upset number 2 miami, 80-65. match play championship round three from the chilly arizona desert. graeme mcdowell trying to get it on the green. yikes! bet he wishes he had that one back. he would lose the hole and match to jason day. it was a good day for hunter mahan to sinks the putt. poulter and kutcher remain. sf state down one with four
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seconds to go. >> half court for the win, throws it in! [ screaming ] uzzer give san francisco state the win over cal poly pomonoa ... it was pandamonium at what they call "the closet".... >> white with the heave from beyond half court gives san francisco state the win over cal-poly pomona. it was pandemonium at what they call the closet. and that is zach anddom on the call to probably future broadcasters. dennis o'donnell a san francisco state grad a gater himself. we also have three gator producers in the sports department. >> i didn't know that. my gosh. >> that is great to see though. isn't that fun. >> nice to see the local team with the buzzer beater to get you ready for marchness. >> quite the contract to pablo sandoval looking slow out there, isn't he? >> well, i think he is looking good. i think he looks good. it's still early. >> lumbering home. >> still early. they will be just fine.
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>> thank you. all right. mc hammer in trouble with bay area police. why he was arrested and what the rap star is saying about the incident that and more at 6:30. captions by: caption colorado
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>> axelrod: tonight, a spectacular crash at daytona. >> a terrible crash coming to the finish! >> axelrod: a multicar collision in the final tune-up before the daytona 500 sends debris into the stands and fans to the hospital. we'll have the latest. stalemate-- less than a week to go and no movement in washington to solve budget battle. wyatt andrews on how americans everywhere would feel the cuts to come. >> bring back banksy! bring back banksy! >> axelrod: how did this work of street art vanish off a wall in london and reappear in miami? mark phillips investigates. and whoever takes home an oscar
5:59 pm
tomorrow, these young afghan actors are winners any way you add it up. carter evans will tell us why. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news." >> axelrod: good evening. i'm jim axelrod.m it was the last lap of the last race before nascar kicks off its new season tomorrow with the daytona 500. that's when at least a dozen cars wrecked with one race car c being sent airborne and into ato fence separating fans from the track. trac it's still a confusing situationation in daytona with emergency wi workers tending to injured fans. adriana diaz is at the track for us tonight. >> reporter: the 12-car crash began on the last turn of the last lap of the kick-off race at daytona when the number 7 car, driven by regan smith, spun out of control. moments later, kyle larson's


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